Who is this guy?

In April 2005, Steve Symons, a junior at NDSU in Fargo, fell the back yard of his fraternity, instantly snapping his femur bone. He was transported to University Minnesota Fairview Hospital (Now U of M Masonic Children's Hospital) in Minneapolis that day and after a biopsy, was told he had osteosarcoma in the form of a 4-inch tumor at the spot his femur snapped. He would most likely lose his leg. He would not be able to have children. He probably wouldn’t survive.

What followed was grueling chemotherapy, almost 3 full months confined to bed, blurs of family and friends visiting to say goodbye. Steve made it through treatment and although he did have 90% of his femur removed (resecting the tumor completely), he is able to walk using a prosthetic. He was rallied all the while by his relatives and friends - many from his fraternity Alpha Tau Omega at NDSU who quickly set up fundraisers, selling t-shirts and bracelets in hopes of keeping extensive medical bills at bay.

Steve is now part of the 60% of patients that have survived osteosarcoma past 5 years. After 10 long years knowing having children was not a possibility, that ability returned too. He is now able to walk, play with his daughter, kiss his wife.

Even though the story is old, we think it's important. And we have preserved it here on this website.

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